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 animation from theold time

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animation from theold time Empty
PostSubject: animation from theold time   animation from theold time EmptyMon Aug 16, 2010 8:48 am

{*1}Hey Kiddies!
{*2}Hey Kiddies!
{*1}Wanna Hear A Fairy Tale?
{*2}Wanna Hear A Fairy Tale?
{*1}Here we go...
{*2}Jack & Jill
{*2}Went up the hill,
{*2}To buy some Marijuana!
{*2}Jack got high,
{*2}Unzipped his Fly,
{*2}And said,
{*2}"Jill, Do you wanna?"
{*2}Jill said Yes,
{*2}And got undressed,
And now you can guess the rest!
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animation from theold time
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