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 Awesome dance code [no 35]

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Awesome dance code [no 35] Empty
PostSubject: Awesome dance code [no 35]   Awesome dance code [no 35] EmptySat Jul 31, 2010 1:17 pm

#Just Dance
;press compass to choose dance
;press L Trig to do dance
0x00185e00 0x0e33ae00
0x00185e04 0x00000000
0x00185e34 0x263172d8
0x0037c07c 0x0a33ae80
0x004972d8 0x7d322a7b
0x004972dc 0x636e6144
0x004972e0 0x2a7b3a65
0x004972e4 0x00000000
0x004972e8 0x00000000
0x004eb750 0x7d322a7b
0x004eb754 0x636e6144
0x004eb758 0x2a7b3a65
0x004eb7f8 0x30307d31
0x004eb800 0x27bdfe50
0x004eb804 0xafa200c4
0x004eb808 0xafa500e0
0x004eb80c 0xafbf0190
0x004eb810 0xafa300c8
0x004eb814 0xafa500e0
0x004eb818 0xafa600e4
0x004eb81c 0x3c0408c9
0x004eb820 0x248372d8
0x004eb824 0x3c0608cf
0x004eb828 0x24c6b740
0x004eb82c 0x8cc500bc
0x004eb830 0x24020008
0x004eb834 0x10a2000e
0x004eb838 0x8cc900b8
0x004eb83c 0x10a00007
0x004eb840 0x3c020100
0x004eb844 0x8cc9001c
0x004eb848 0x00494820
0x004eb84c 0x24020001
0x004eb850 0x00452820
0x004eb854 0x10000018
0x004eb858 0xacc500bc
0x004eb85c 0x00494820
0x004eb860 0x24020001
0x004eb864 0x00452820
0x004eb868 0x10000013
0x004eb86c 0xacc500bc
0x004eb870 0xacc000bc
0x004eb874 0xacc0001c
0x004eb878 0xac69000c
0x004eb87c 0x10000006
0x004eb898 0x8fa200c4
0x004eb89c 0x8fa500e0
0x004eb8a0 0x8fbf0190
0x004eb8a4 0x8fa300c8
0x004eb8a8 0x8fa500e0
0x004eb8ac 0x8fa600e4
0x004eb8b0 0x03e00008
0x004eb8b4 0x27bd01b0
0x004eb8b8 0x3c0608cf
0x004eb8bc 0xacc9b75c
0x004eb8c0 0x1000ffed
0x004eba00 0x3c0808d0
0x004eba04 0x3c1808cf
0x004eba08 0x3c0a09a8
0x004eba0c 0x814ae1e5
0x004eba10 0x24190001
0x004eba14 0x172a0006
0x004eba1c 0x8d085858
0x004eba20 0x8f0fb7fc
0x004eba24 0x240d0018
0x004eba28 0xad0d0630
0x004eba2c 0xad0f0634
0x004eba30 0x03e00008
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Awesome dance code [no 35]
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