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PostSubject: Some codes   Some codes EmptySat Jul 31, 2010 1:24 pm

#Inf Health [No Ban]
;No knockback from grenades and shotguns
0x005FD4A4 0x00000000
0x005FE220 0x00000000
0x005FE534 0x00000000
0x005FEB48 0x00000000
0x005FEE6C 0x00000000
0x005FD81C 0x000003E8
0x005FD12C 0x000003E8
0x006322C8 0x00000558
0x00632AFC 0x000003E8
0x00632F10 0x000003E8
0x00633320 0x000003E8
0x00633F84 0x000003E8
0x00633B44 0x00000BB8
0x004C9628 0x00000000#Unlimited Medkits
;Never run out of medkits
0x005ff194 0x05580558

#No Scope Recoil
;When shooting your scope stays in place
0x004c889c 0x00000000
;Use in game only
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004B53C0
0x0000079C 0x7FFF0000#kills=65000
;Use in game only
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004B53C0
0x0000074C 0xFFFF0000
#Lockguns On [HOST]
0x00000110 0x00000002

#Lockguns Off [HOST]
0x00000110 0x00000003

#Selective Suicide
;L+R+[] to tele knife
;everything else on start menu
;Fall to death
0x0081f928 0x3c020902
0x0081f92c 0x8c42fefc
0x0081f930 0x13220017
0x0053df58 0x2a7b0000
0x0053df5c 0x454e7d32
0x0053df60 0x00005458
0x0053dfe4 0x494b7d31
0x0053dfe8 0x00004c4c
0x0081ff00 0x27bdfff0
0x0081ff04 0xafa40000
0x0081ff08 0xafa50004
0x0081ff0c 0xafa60008
0x0081ff10 0x3c040902
0x0081ff34 0x240f05de
0x0081ff38 0x10cf000b
0x0081ff40 0x1000000a
0x0081ff48 0x24c50002
0x0053dfd0 0x09020000
0x0081ff4c 0xac85fefc
0x0081ff50 0x10000006
0x0081ff58 0x24c50062
0x0081ff5c 0xac85fefc
0x0081f914 0xafa20010
0x0081f918 0xafbf0014
0x0081f91c 0x3c0508d0
0x0053dfa8 0x00005355
0x0053e014 0x0901f900
0x0053dfe0 0x2a7b0000
0x0081f920 0x8cb95858
0x0081f924 0x8f390000
0x0081f934 0x0002c400
0x0081f938 0x03021026
0x0053df9c 0x2a7b0000
0x0053dfa0 0x52507d32
0x0053dfa4 0x4f495645
0x0053dfe4 0x494b7d31
0x0081f93c 0x3c0408d6
0x0081f940 0x8c87176c
0x0081f944 0x3c0408d0
0x0081f948 0x3c060902
0x0081f94c 0x00c06825
0x0081ff60 0x10000002
0x0081ff68 0xac80fefc
0x0081f90c 0xafa60008
0x0081f910 0xafa7000c
0x0081f950 0x25a9f994
0x0081f954 0xad220000
0x0081f958 0x34050040
0x004be15c 0x8dac000c
0x004be160 0x8dae0010
0x0082001c 0x240a0004
0x00820020 0x112a000e
0x00820028 0x240a0066
0x0081f95c 0x2406ffff
0x0081f960 0x34080008
0x0081f974 0x8fa50004
0x0082002c 0x112a0006
0x00820034 0x240b0064
0x00820038 0x012b6022
0x0081ff18 0x10c0000b
0x0081ff1c 0x24180002
0x0081ff20 0x10d80009
0x0081ff24 0x24190004
0x0082003c 0xad0cfefc
0x0081f978 0x8fa60008
0x0081ff78 0x03e00008
0x0081ff7c 0x27bd0010
0x0081f900 0x27bdffe0
0x0081f904 0xafa40000
0x0081f97c 0x8fa7000c
0x0081f980 0x8fa20010
0x0081f990 0x0a407e5c
0x0081f998 0x33c8fffd
0x00820000 0x3c080902
0x00820004 0x8d09fefc
0x00820008 0x11200017
0x0081ff6c 0x8fa40000
0x0081ff70 0x8fa50004
0x0081ff74 0x8fa60008
0x0081f908 0xafa50004
0x00820010 0x240a0002
0x00820014 0x11490014
0x004be14c 0x258c0002
0x004be150 0x172c000b
0x004be158 0x3c0b08d9
0x00820040 0x10000009
0x00820048 0x240b0062
0x0082004c 0x012b6022
0x004be13c 0xad602e78
0x004be140 0x1000000f
0x004be148 0xad58e0f4
0x004be164 0x8daf0014
0x004be168 0x8db80018
0x00820050 0xad0cfefc
0x00820054 0x10000004
0x0082005c 0x240b0002
0x0081f964 0x00005025
0x0081f968 0x0e23b99f
0x004be118 0x01384820
0x004be11c 0x8d2c0000
0x0081f96c 0x248444d8
0x0081f970 0x8fa40000
0x00820060 0x012b6022
0x00810040 0xad690638
0x004be134 0x3c0b08d9
0x00820064 0xad0cfefc
0x00820068 0x03e00008
0x00000024 0x0a404000
0x004be114 0x8d58e0f4
0x00810000 0x3c080902
0x004be180 0x03e00008
0x00810004 0x8d09fefc
0x00810008 0x3c0a09a8
0x0081000c 0x8d4ae1e4
0x00810010 0x3c0b08d0
0x00810014 0x8d6b5858
0x00810018 0x1160000a
0x00810020 0x340c8300
0x00810024 0x8d6d0000
0x004be100 0x3c080902
0x00810028 0x11a90006
0x00810030 0x154c0004
0x00810038 0x340e001c
0x0081003c 0xad6e0630
0x00810044 0x03e00008
0x0000004c 0x0a32f840
0x004be104 0x8d19fefc
0x004be108 0x3c0908d6
0x004be10c 0x25291458
0x004be110 0x3c0a08cc
0x004be120 0x8d2d0004
0x004be124 0x240e0080
0x0053df8c 0x0901ff00
0x0053df9c 0x2a7b0000
0x0053dfa0 0x52507d32
0x0053dfa4 0x4f495645
0x004be128 0x170e0007
0x004be12c 0x27180008
0x004be130 0xad40e0f4
0x0081ff14 0x8c86fefc
0x0081ff28 0x10d9000b
0x0081ff2c 0x24c50064
0x0081ff30 0xac85fefc
0x004be138 0xad602e74
0x004be16c 0xad6c2e74
0x0081f984 0x8fbf0014
0x0081f988 0x03e00008
0x0081f98c 0x27bd0020
0x004be170 0xad6e2e78
0x004be174 0xad6f2e7c
0x004be178 0xad782e80
0x004be17c 0xad602e84

#Cut Mics [](no 35)
;press [] to cut mics
0x00000098 0x0A400000
0x00800000 0x3C0808D0
0x00800004 0x8D1844D8
0x00800008 0x3C0A09A8
0x0080000C 0x8D59E1E4
0x00800010 0x340B8000
0x00800014 0x3C090000
0x00800018 0x35290100
0x0080001C 0xAD0944D8
0x00800020 0x172B0004
0x00800028 0x3C090000
0x0080002C 0x35290101
0x00800030 0xAD0944D8
0x00800034 0x03E00008
0x004C7F30 0x4B400000

0x005F6E9C 0x0000001E#Shoot Thru Walls[NO BAN]
0x00538B58 0x3ecd000a#Knife Code [no ban]
;Tap square once to knife/rifle butt
;Never lag out
0x00000004 0x0A5C0054
0x00F00150 0x3C0808D0
0x00F00154 0x3C0909A8
0x00F00158 0x8D2AE1E4
0x00F0015C 0x340B8000
0x00F00160 0x3C0C0000
0x00F00164 0x358C0100
0x00F00168 0xAD0C44D8
0x00F0016C 0x154B0005
0x00F00174 0x3C0D0000
0x00F00178 0x35AD0000
0x00F0017C 0xAD0D44D8
0x00F00184 0x03E00008

#Revive your self
;Respawn in non respawn rooms
;You must be host
0x00000114 0x00000004Always 32x zoom
;No error 35
;use high scope
0x00987DA0 0x42000000#Respawn In Any Room
;Respawn in non respawn rooms
;You must be host
0x00000114 0x00000004

.#Automatic Knife
;HZ 46
0x00000004 0x0A5C0054
0x00F00150 0x3C0808D0
0x00F00154 0x3C0909A8
0x00F00158 0x8D2AE1E4
0x00F0015C 0x340B8000
0x00F00160 0x3C0C0000
0x00F00164 0x358C0100
0x00F00168 0xAD0C44D8
0x00F0016C 0x154B0005
0x00F00174 0x3C0D0000
0x00F00178 0x35AD0000
0x00F0017C 0xAD0D44D8
0x00F00184 0x03E00008
0x004c7f30 0x4B400000
0x0127e1e4 0x00008000;Patch Version 1.60 No Banning Codes
#!!-----Character codes-----

;One shot kill will kill you
0x004c9628 0x00000000

;Run really fast
0x0055Fa2C 0x40000000
#FTB1 Lock-On Style
;Allows you to run while locking on
0x004c7f30 0x4B400000
#Vertical Clipping
;Not True VC
;Push through walls
0x00538B68 0x3f780000
#Ghetto Skywalk
;Walk through the sky
0x00538b54 0x40A00000

#True No Flash Blindness
;You only see the explosion of the Mark 141
0x005F1CCC 0x00000000
#Instant 3rd Party
;Kill your own team mates
0x004C9420 0x00000001
#Third Party Virus
;Turn on when people are greening up
;Kill your own team mates
0x0055A048 0x00000000
#Jump with animations
;L+Dpad down = Climb
;L+R = Dance's
;Square = Jump
0x00000098 0x0a2006ff
0x00001bfc 0x3c0908d0
0x00001c00 0x3c0a09a8
0x00001c04 0x854ae1e4
0x00001c08 0x24198000
0x00001c0c 0x24180300
0x00001c10 0x240f0140
0x00001c14 0x11ea0014
0x00001c1c 0x130a000b
0x00001c24 0x172a0013
0x00001c2c 0x8d2a5858
0x00001c30 0xc54f001c
0x00001c34 0x3c0b3f80
0x00001c38 0x448b8000
0x00001c3c 0x46107bc0
0x00001c40 0xe54f001c
0x00001c44 0x0a20071d
0x00001c4c 0x8d2a5858
0x00001c50 0x240b0018
0x00001c54 0x240c0008
0x00001c58 0xad4b0630
0x00001c5c 0xad4c0634
0x00001c60 0x0a20071d
0x00001c68 0x8d2a5858
0x00001c6c 0x240d0017
0x00001c70 0xad4d0630
0x00001c74 0x03e00008
#Virus Mode
;Virus Mode
0x0055A048 0x00000001
#Teleport to Nearest Player
;L+dpad left to teleport
;to Player
0x00000098 0x0a200800
0x00002000 0x3c0808d3
0x00002004 0x3c0908d0
0x00002008 0x3c0a09a8
0x0000200c 0x854ee1e4
0x00002010 0x8d2a5858
0x00002014 0x240f0100
0x00002018 0x15ee0007
0x00002020 0xc50c2100
0x00002024 0xe54c0018
0x00002028 0xc50d2104
0x0000202c 0xe54d001c
0x00002030 0xc50e2108
0x00002034 0xe54e0020
0x00002038 0x03e00008#Night-vision
0x00538B24 0x00000058

0x00538B24 0x00000056#Batman
;Jokered To [ L ]
0x00000098 0x0A400040
0x00800100 0x3C0808CB
0x00800104 0x3C0909A8
0x00800108 0x8529E1E4
0x0080010C 0x340A0100
0x00800110 0x340B0100
0x00800114 0x340C0100
0x00800118 0x350853C0
0x0080011C 0x152A0004
0x00800124 0x8D0D0000
0x00800128 0x3C0E4000
0x0080012C 0xADAE01E0
0x00800130 0x152B0004
0x00800138 0x8D0D0000
0x0080013C 0x3C0E4000
0x00800140 0xADAE01E8
0x00800144 0x152C0004
0x0080014C 0x8D0D0000
0x00800150 0x3C0E4000
0x00800154 0xADAE01E8
0x00800158 0x03E00008#Alienated Glow[No 35]
0x00518770 0xF48C0000
#Stairway To Heaven
0x00538B64 0x3E000000

#!!-----Gun codes-----
#One Shot Kill
;One bullet and your enemy dies
0x005EE760 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005EE938 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005EF098 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005EF270 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005EF448 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005EF620 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F0130 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F0308 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005F04E0 0xFFFFFFFF
#Two Shot Kill
0x005EE760 0x000002b0
0x005EEB10 0x000002b0
0x005EECE8 0x000002b0
0x005EEEC0 0x000002b0
0x005EF098 0x000002b0
0x005EF270 0x000002b0
0x005EF448 0x000002b0
0x005EF620 0x000002b0
0x005EF7F8 0x000002b0
0x005EF9D0 0x000002b0
0x005EFBA8 0x000002b0
0x005EFD80 0x000002b0
0x005EFF58 0x000002b0
0x005F0308 0x000002b0
0x005F04E0 0x000002b0#Three Shot Kill
0x005EE760 0x000001FA
0x005EEB10 0x000001FA
0x005EECE8 0x000001FA
0x005EEEC0 0x000001FA
0x005EF098 0x000001FA
0x005EF270 0x000001FA
0x005EF448 0x000001FA
0x005EF620 0x000001FA
0x005EF7F8 0x000001FA
0x005EF9D0 0x000001FA
0x005EFBA8 0x000001FA
0x005EFD80 0x000001FA
0x005EFF58 0x000001FA
0x005F0308 0x000001FA
0x005F04E0 0x000001FA#Four Shot Kill
0x005EE760 0x0000015E
0x005EEB10 0x0000015E
0x005EECE8 0x0000015E
0x005EEEC0 0x0000015E
0x005EF098 0x0000015E
0x005EF270 0x0000015E
0x005EF448 0x0000015E
0x005EF620 0x0000015E
0x005EF7F8 0x0000015E
0x005EF9D0 0x0000015E
0x005EFBA8 0x0000015E
0x005EFD80 0x0000015E
0x005EFF58 0x0000015E
0x005F0308 0x0000015E
0x005F04E0 0x0000015E
#Five Shot Kill(1.6)no35
0x005EE760 0x000000FA
0x005EEB10 0x000000FA
0x005EECE8 0x000000FA
0x005EEEC0 0x000000FA
0x005EF098 0x000000FA
0x005EF270 0x000000FA
0x005EF448 0x000000FA
0x005EF620 0x000000FA
0x005EF7F8 0x000000FA
0x005EF9D0 0x000000FA
0x005EFBA8 0x000000FA
0x005EFD80 0x000000FA
0x005EFF58 0x000000FA
0x005F0308 0x000000FA
0x005F04E0 0x000000FA #Inf Ammo
;Unlimited ammunition
0x005FB318 0x05580558
0x005FAF30 0x05580558
0x005F9714 0x05580558
0x005F9B1C 0x05580558
0x005F9F28 0x05580558
0x005FA334 0x05580558
0x005FBAD8 0x05580558
0x005FBEB8 0x05580558
0x005FC298 0x05580558
0x005FC674 0x05580558
0x005FEB4C 0x05580558
0x005FEE70 0x05580558
0x005FF194 0x05580558
0x005F8B54 0x05580558
0x005F8694 0x05580558
0x005F818C 0x05580558
0x005F7CCC 0x05580558
0x005F7810 0x05580558
0x005F7350 0x05580558
0x005F6988 0x05580558
0x005F65A4 0x05580558
0x005F619C 0x05580558
0x005F5D6C 0x05580558
0x005F5888 0x05580558
0x005F52A8 0x05580558
0x005F4D34 0x05580558
0x005F4898 0x05580588
0x005F42B8 0x05580558
0x005F3CD8 0x05580558
0x005F371C 0x05580558
0x005F3160 0x05580558
0x005FD820 0x05580558
0x005FD824 0x001409C8
0x005FD828 0x0000001E
0x005F8694 0x05580558
0x005F8698 0x001409C8
0x005F869C 0x0000001E
0x005F86A0 0x00000003
0x00632F14 0x05580558
0x00632F18 0x001409C8
0x00632F1C 0x00000001
0x004982A4 0x447A0000
0x005F76AC 0x42800000
0x005F76B0 0x42400000
0x005F76B4 0x48A00000
0x005F76B8 0x3F900000
0x005F76BC 0x3F900000
0x005F76C0 0x3FECCCCD
0x005F7810 0x0005D004
0x005F7818 0x0000007C
0x005F7828 0x6FFF0000
0x005F782C 0x6FFF0000
0x005F7830 0x6FFF0000
0x005F7834 0x6FFF0000
0x005F6CE4 0x42800000
0x005F6CE8 0x42400000
0x005F6CEC 0x48A00000
0x005F6CF0 0x3F900000
0x005F6CF4 0x3F900000
0x005F6CF8 0x3FECCCCD
0x005F6E90 0x00190005
0x005F6E94 0x03AF002F
0x005F6E98 0x0000007C
0x005F6EA8 0x6FFF0000
0x005F6EAC 0x6FFF0000
0x005F6EB0 0x6FFF0000
0x005F6EB4 0x6FFF0000
0x005F84E8 0x42800000
0x005F84EC 0x42400000
0x005F84F0 0x48A00000
0x005F84F4 0x3F900000
0x005F84F8 0x3F900000
0x005F84FC 0x3FECCCCD
0x005F8694 0x00190005
0x005F8698 0x03AF002F
0x005F869C 0x0000007C
0x005F86AC 0x6FFF0000
0x005F86B0 0x6FFF0000
0x005F86B4 0x6FFF0000
0x005F86B8 0x6FFF0000
0x005FD4A8 0x05580558
0x005FD4AC 0x001409C8
0x005FD4B0 0x0000001E
#Inf Grenades
;Unlimited grenades
0x005fd820 0x05580558
0x005fd824 0x001409C8
0x005fd828 0x0000001E
#Inf Explosives
0x005FF194 0x05580558
0x005FF198 0x001409C8
0x005FF19C 0x00000030
0x005FE224 0x05580558
0x005FE228 0x001409C8
0x005FE22C 0x00000030
;Inf PMN
0x005FE538 0x05580558
0x005FE53C 0x001409C8
0x005FE540 0x00000030
0x005FCA2C 0x05580558
0x005FCA30 0x001409C8
0x005FCA34 0x00000030
;Inf MARK 141
0x005FD4A8 0x05580558
0x005FD4AC 0x001409C8
0x005FD4B0 0x00000030
;Inf M67
0x005FD820 0x05580558
0x005FD824 0x001409C8
0x005FD828 0x00000030
;Inf HE
0x005FD130 0x05580558
0x005FD134 0x001409C8
0x005FD138 0x00000030
0x006322CC 0x05580558
0x006322D0 0x001409C8
0x006322D4 0x00000030
;Inf M680 RAPID
0x006326E0 0x05580558
0x006326E4 0x001409C8
0x006326E8 0x00000030
;Inf M203 HE RAPID
0x00632B00 0x05580558
0x00632B04 0x001409C8
0x00632B08 0x00000030
0x00632F14 0x05580558
0x00632F18 0x001409C8
0x00632F1C 0x00000030
;Inf M8-62
0x00633B48 0x05580558
0x00633B4C 0x001409C8
0x00633B50 0x00000030
;Inf GL 36 RAPID
0x00633324 0x05580558
0x00633328 0x001409C8
0x0063332C 0x00000030
0x00633F88 0x05580558
0x00633F8C 0x001409C8
0x00633F90 0x00000030
0x005FEB4C 0x05580558
0x005FEB50 0x001409C8
0x005FEB54 0x00000030
0x005FEE70 0x05580558
0x005FEE74 0x001409C8
0x005FEE78 0x00000030
#Rapid Fire
;Shoot guns fast
0x005F3164 0x0000000F
0x005F3168 0x0000001E
0x005F3CDC 0x0000000F
0x005F3CE0 0x0000001E
0x005F4D38 0x0000000F
0x005F4D3C 0x0000001E
0x005F52AC 0x0000000F
0x005F52B0 0x0000001E
0x005F6E94 0x0000000F
0x005F6E98 0x0000001E
0x005FC678 0x0000000F
0x005FC67C 0x0000001E
0x005F9B20 0x0000000F
0x005F9B24 0x0000001E
0x005FAB2C 0x0000000F
0x005FAB30 0x0000001E
0x005FAF34 0x0000000F
0x005FAF38 0x0000001E
0x005F9F2C 0x0000000F
0x005F9F30 0x0000001E
0x005FA338 0x0000000F
0x005FA33C 0x0000001E
0x005F7354 0x0000000F
0x005F7358 0x0000001E
0x005FC29C 0x0000000F
0x005FC2A0 0x0000001E
0x005F933C 0x0000000F
0x005F9340 0x0000001E
0x005F3720 0x0000000F
0x005F3724 0x0000001E
0x005F698C 0x0000000F
0x005F6990 0x0000001E
0x005FB31C 0x0000000F
0x005FB320 0x0000001E
0x005FB6FC 0x0000000F
0x005FB700 0x0000001E
0x005F65A8 0x0000000F
0x005F65AC 0x0000001E
0x005F489C 0x0000000F
0x005F48A0 0x0000001E
0x005F5D70 0x0000000F
0x005F5D74 0x0000001E
0x005F61A0 0x0000000F
0x005F61A4 0x0000001E
0x005F42BC 0x0000000F
0x005F42C0 0x0000001E
0x005FBADC 0x0000000F
0x005FBAE0 0x0000001E
0x005FBEBC 0x0000000F
0x005FBEC0 0x0000001E
0x005F588C 0x0000000F
0x005F5890 0x0000001E
0x005F8B58 0x0000000F
0x005F8B5C 0x0000001E
#Faster RPG and AT4
;Faster switching and runnng
0x005fedf8 0x00000001
0x005fead4 0x00000001
#Auto M16 A2
;M16 A2 is fully automatic
0x005f3720 0x001e04cd
#Rapid M1
;M1 is fully automatic
0x005F7810 0x05580558
0x005F7814 0xFF4409C8
0x005F7818 0x0000001E
#Shotgun All Fire Modes
;Your shotgun can be fully automatic
0x005fb318 0x000a000a
0x005fb31c 0x003c064b
0x005fb320 0x00000064
0x005fbad8 0x000a000a
0x005fbadc 0x003c064b
0x005fbae0 0x00000064
0x005fbeb8 0x000a000a
0x005fbebc 0x003c064b
0x005fbeb0 0x00000064
#No Weapon Restrictions
;Use guns not allowed
0x006321a8 0x000000ff
0x006325bc 0x000000ff
0x006329dc 0x000000ff
0x00632df0 0x000000ff
0x00633200 0x000000ff
0x00633614 0x000000ff
0x00633a24 0x000000ff
0x00633e64 0x000000ff
0x00634278 0x000000ff
0x00634520 0x000000ff
0x006347c4 0x000000ff
0x00634a70 0x000000ff
#Lockon Distance
;Your lock on distance is increased
0x005F3178 0x44FF0000
0x005F317C 0x44FF0000
0x005F3180 0x44960000
0x005F3184 0x44A80000
0x005F4D4C 0x44FF0000
0x005F4D50 0x44FF0000
0x005F4D54 0x44960000
0x005F4D58 0x44A80000
0x005F7368 0x44FF0000
0x005F736C 0x44FF0000
0x005F7370 0x44960000
0x005F7374 0x44A80000
0x005F92B8 0x3F955000
0x005F92BC 0x3F955000
0x005F92C0 0x479CCCCD
0x005F9350 0x44FF0000
0x005F9354 0x44FF0000
0x005F9358 0x44960000
0x005F935C 0x44A80000
0x005F7828 0x44FF0000
0x005F782C 0x44FF0000
0x005F7830 0x44960000
0x005F7834 0x44A80000
0x005F3734 0x44FF0000
0x005F3738 0x44FF0000
0x005F373C 0x44960000
0x005F3740 0x44A80000
0x005F69A0 0x44FF0000
0x005F69A4 0x44FF0000
0x005F69A8 0x44960000
0x005F69AC 0x44A80000
0x005F7CE4 0x44FF0000
0x005F7CE8 0x44FF0000
0x005F7CEC 0x44960000
0x005F7CF0 0x44A80000
0x005F3CF0 0x44FF0000
0x005F3CF4 0x44FF0000
0x005F3CF8 0x44960000
0x005F3CFC 0x44A80000
0x005F65BC 0x44FF0000
0x005F65C0 0x44FF0000
0x005F65C4 0x44960000
0x005F65C8 0x44A80000
0x005F5D84 0x44FF0000
0x005F5D88 0x44FF0000
0x005F5D8C 0x44960000
0x005F5D90 0x44A80000
0x005F81A4 0x44FF0000
0x005F81A8 0x44FF0000
0x005F81AC 0x44960000
0x005F81B0 0x44A80000
0x005F8008 0x44FF0000
0x005F900C 0x44FF0000
0x005F9010 0x44960000
0x005F9014 0x44A80000
0x005F61B4 0x44FF0000
0x005F61B8 0x44FF0000
0x005F61BC 0x44960000
0x005F61C0 0x44A80000
0x005F6EA8 0x44FF0000
0x005F6EAC 0x44FF0000
0x005F6EB0 0x44960000
0x005F6EB4 0x44A80000
0x005F42D0 0x44FF0000
0x005F42D4 0x44FF0000
0x005F42D8 0x44960000
0x005F42DC 0x44A80000
0x005F48B0 0x44FF0000
0x005F48B4 0x44FF0000
0x005F48B8 0x44960000
0x005F48BC 0x44A80000
0x005F58A0 0x44FF0000
0x005F58A4 0x44FF0000
0x005F58A8 0x44960000
0x005F58AC 0x44A80000
0x005F52C0 0x44FF0000
0x005F52C4 0x44FF0000
0x005F52C8 0x44960000
0x005F52CC 0x44A80000
0x005F86AC 0x44FF0000
0x005F86B0 0x44FF0000
0x005F86B4 0x44960000
0x005F86B8 0x44A80000
0x005F8B6C 0x44FF0000
0x005F8B70 0x44FF0000
0x005F8B74 0x44960000
0x005F8B78 0x44A80000
0x005F972C 0x44FF0000
0x005F9730 0x44FF0000
0x005F9734 0x44960000
0x005F9738 0x44A80000
0x005Fc2B0 0x44FF0000
0x005Fc2B4 0x44FF0000
0x005Fc2B8 0x44960000
0x005Fc2BC 0x44A80000
0x005Fc68C 0x44FF0000
0x005Fc690 0x44FF0000
0x005Fc694 0x44960000
0x005Fc698 0x44A80000
0x005F9B34 0x44FF0000
0x005F9B38 0x44FF0000
0x005F9B3C 0x44960000
0x005F9B40 0x44A80000
0x005FAF40 0x44FF0000
0x005FaF4C 0x44FF0000
0x005FaF50 0x44960000
0x005FaF54 0x44A80000
0x005F9F40 0x44FF0000
0x005F9F44 0x44FF0000
0x005F9F48 0x44960000
0x005F9F4C 0x44A80000
0x005Fa34C 0x44FF0000
0x005Fa350 0x44FF0000
0x005Fa354 0x44960000
0x005Fa358 0x44A80000
0x005FaB40 0x44FF0000
0x005FaB44 0x44FF0000
0x005FaB48 0x44960000
0x005FaB4C 0x44A80000
0x005Fb330 0x44FF0000
0x005Fb334 0x44FF0000
0x005Fb338 0x44960000
0x005Fb33C 0x44A80000
0x005Fb710 0x44FF0000
0x005Fb714 0x44FF0000
0x005Fb718 0x44960000
0x005Fb71C 0x44A80000
0x005FbAF0 0x44FF0000
0x005FbAF4 0x44FF0000
0x005FbAF8 0x44960000
0x005FbAFC 0x44A80000
0x005Fa758 0x44FF0000
0x005Fa75C 0x44FF0000
0x005Fa760 0x44960000
0x005Fa764 0x44A80000
0x005FbED0 0x44FF0000
0x005FbED4 0x44FF0000
0x005FbED8 0x44960000
0x005FbEDC 0x44A80000
#Lock on AT4 and RPG
;Lock on with your AT4 or RPG
0x005FEAD4 0x00000001
0x005FEDF8 0x00000001
#Silent Death
;Does not show your kills
0x005f300c 0x00000000
0x005f3484 0x00000000
0x005f3a40 0x00000000
0x005f3ffc 0x00000000
0x005f45dc 0x00000000
0x005f4bbc 0x00000000
0x005f5058 0x00000000
0x005f55cc 0x00000000
0x005f5bac 0x00000000
0x005f6090 0x00000000
0x005f64bc 0x00000000
0x005f68c4 0x00000000
0x005f6cac 0x00000000
0x005f71b4 0x00000000
0x005f7674 0x00000000
0x005f7b30 0x00000000
0x005f7ff0 0x00000000
0x005f84b0 0x00000000
0x005f89b8 0x00000000
0x005f962c 0x00000000
0x005f9a34 0x00000000
0x005f9e40 0x00000000
0x005fa24c 0x00000000
0x005fa658 0x00000000
0x005faa64 0x00000000
0x005fb254 0x00000000
0x005fba14 0x00000000
0x005fbdf4 0x00000000
0x005fc1d4 0x00000000
#Claymores on Mercs
:Use claymores on Mercenaries
0X005FE494 0X43FA0000
0X005FE498 0X00000099
0X005FE528 0X0000FE94
0X005FE52C 0X08DF228C
0X005FE538 0X00080014
#PMNs on Seals
;Use PMNs on Seals
0X005FE180 0X43FA0000
0X005FE184 0X0000009E
0X005FE214 0X000101A8
0X005FE218 0X08DF20B4
0X005FE228 0X00080014
#Throw AT4/RPG
;Throw your AT4/RPG ammo
0x005FEAFC 0x00000001
0x005FEE20 0x00000001
;Must have a mf90 or spz-15
;Yhrow shotgun rounds
0x005fbe44 0x00000001
0x005fb2a4 0x00000001
#Primary Upgrades
;Your primaries have a better advantage
0x005f3494 0x08df817c
0x005f3a50 0x08df817c
0x005f400c 0x08df817c
0x005f55dc 0x08df817c
0x005f3a50 0x08df817c
0x005f4bcc 0x08df817c
0x005f301c 0x08df817c
0x005f64cc 0x08df817c
0x005f68d4 0x08df817c
0x005f5068 0x08df817c
0x005f5bbc 0x08df817c
0x005f60a0 0x08df817c
0x005f8028 0x42800000
0x005f802c 0x42400000
0x005f8030 0x48a00000
0x005f8034 0x3f900000
0x005f8038 0x3f900000
0x005f803c 0x3feccccd
0x005f818c 0x00320005
0x005f8190 0x03af002f
0x005f8194 0x00000045
0x005f81a4 0x6fff0000
0x005f81a8 0x6fff0000
0x005f81ac 0x6fff0000
0x005f81b0 0x6fff0000
#Secondary Upgrades
;Your secondaries have a better advantage
0x005f963c 0x08df817c
0x005F96e8 0x0000000a
0x005f9a44 0x08df817c
0x005f9af0 0x0000000a
0x005f9e50 0x08df817c
0x005F9efc 0x0000000a
0x005fa25c 0x08df817c
0x005Fa308 0x0000000a
0x005fa668 0x08df817c
0x005Fa714 0x0000000a
0x005faa74 0x08df817c
0x005FaAFC 0x0000000a
0x005fc1e4 0x08df817c
0x005Fc26C 0x0000000a
0x005fc5c0 0x08df817c
0x005Fc648 0x0000000a
0x005fae58 0x08df817c
0x005Faf04 0x0000000a
0x005f8028 0x42800000
0x005f802c 0x42400000
0x005f8030 0x48a00000
0x005f8034 0x3f900000
0x005f8038 0x3f900000
0x005f803c 0x3feccccd
0x005f818c 0x00320005
0x005f8190 0x03af002f
0x005f8194 0x00000045
0x005f81a4 0x6fff0000
0x005f81a8 0x6fff0000
0x005f81ac 0x6fff0000
0x005f81b0 0x6fff0000
#Perfect Shot Primary FTB2
;Your primary gun will aim for the head
0x005F9040 0x00000000
0x005F9044 0x00000000
0x005F9048 0x00000000
0x005F904C 0x00000000
0x005F9050 0x00000000
0x005F9054 0x00000000
0x005F9058 0x00000000
0x005F906C 0x00000000
0x005F9070 0x00000000
0x005F9074 0x00000000
0x005F9078 0x00000000
0x005F907C 0x00000000
0x005F9080 0x00000000
0x005F9094 0x00000000
0x005F9098 0x00000000
0x005F909C 0x00000000
0x005F90A0 0x00000000
0x005F90A4 0x00000000
0x005F90A8 0x00000000
0x005FA790 0x00000000
0x00632B7C 0x00000000
0x0063A6FC 0x00000000
0x0063A70C 0x00000000
0x005F31C8 0x00000000
0x005F31CC 0x00000000
0x005F31D0 0x00000000
0x005F31D4 0x00000000
0x005F31D8 0x00000000
0x005F31DC 0x00000000
0x005F31E4 0x00000000
0x005F31E8 0x00000000
0x005F31F0 0x00000000
0x005F31F4 0x00000000
0x005F31F8 0x00000000
0x005F31FC 0x00000000
0x005F3200 0x00000000
0x005F3204 0x00000000
0x005F320C 0x00000000
0x005F3210 0x00000000
0x005F3218 0x00000000
0x005F321C 0x00000000
0x005F3220 0x00000000
0x005F4D84 0x00000000
0x005F4D88 0x00000000
0x005F4D90 0x00000000
0x005F4D94 0x00000000
0x005F4D9C 0x00000000
0x005F4DA0 0x00000000
0x005F4DA4 0x00000000
0x005F4DA8 0x00000000
0x005F4DAC 0x00000000
0x005F4DB0 0x00000000
0x005F4DB8 0x00000000
0x005F4DBC 0x00000000
0x005F4DC4 0x00000000
0x005F4DC8 0x00000000
0x005F4DCC 0x00000000
0x005F4DD0 0x00000000
0x005F4DD4 0x00000000
0x005F4DD8 0x00000000
0x005F4DE0 0x00000000
0x005F4DE4 0x00000000
0x005F4DEC 0x00000000
0x005F4DF0 0x00000000
0x005F4DF4 0x00000000
0x005F7860 0x00000000
0x005F7864 0x00000000
0x005F786C 0x00000000
0x005F7870 0x00000000
0x005F7878 0x00000000
0x005F787C 0x00000000
0x005F7880 0x00000000
0x005F788C 0x00000000
0x005F7894 0x00000000
0x005F7898 0x00000000
0x005F78A0 0x00000000
0x005F78A4 0x00000000
0x005F78B4 0x00000000
0x005F78BC 0x00000000
0x005F78C8 0x00000000
0x005F78CC 0x00000000
0x005F52F8 0x00000000
0x005F52FC 0x00000000
0x005F5304 0x00000000
0x005F5308 0x00000000
0x005F5310 0x00000000
0x005F5314 0x00000000
0x005F5318 0x00000000
0x005F531C 0x00000000
0x005F5320 0x00000000
0x005F5324 0x00000000
0x005F5328 0x00000000
0x005F532C 0x00000000
0x005F5330 0x00000000
0x005F5338 0x00000000
0x005F533C 0x00000000
0x005F5340 0x00000000
0x005F5344 0x00000000
0x005F5348 0x00000000
0x005F534C 0x00000000
0x005F5354 0x00000000
0x005F5358 0x00000000
0x005F5360 0x00000000
0x005F5364 0x00000000
0x005F5368 0x00000000
0x005F58D8 0x00000000
0x005F58DC 0x00000000
0x005F58E4 0x00000000
0x005F58E8 0x00000000
0x005F58F0 0x00000000
0x005F58F4 0x00000000
0x005F58F8 0x00000000
0x005F58FC 0x00000000
0x005F5900 0x00000000
0x005F5904 0x00000000
0x005F590C 0x00000000
0x005F5910 0x00000000
0x005F5918 0x00000000
0x005F591C 0x00000000
0x005F5920 0x00000000
0x005F5924 0x00000000
0x005F5928 0x00000000
0x005F592C 0x00000000
0x005F5934 0x00000000
0x005F5938 0x00000000
0x005F5940 0x00000000
0x005F5944 0x00000000
0x005F5948 0x00000000
0x005F8BA4 0x00000000
0x005F8BA8 0x00000000
0x005F8BB0 0x00000000
0x005F8BB4 0x00000000
0x005F8BBC 0x00000000
0x005F8BC0 0x00000000
0x005F8BC4 0x00000000
0x005F8BC8 0x00000000
0x005F8BCC 0x00000000
0x005F8BD0 0x00000000
0x005F8BD8 0x00000000
0x005F8BDC 0x00000000
0x005F8BE4 0x00000000
0x005F8BE8 0x00000000
0x005F8BEC 0x00000000
0x005F8BF0 0x00000000
0x005F8BF4 0x00000000
0x005F8BF8 0x00000000
0x005F8C00 0x00000000
0x005F8C04 0x00000000
0x005F8C0C 0x00000000
0x005F8C10 0x00000000
0x005F8C14 0x00000000
0x005F48E8 0x00000000
0x005F48EC 0x00000000
0x005F48F4 0x00000000
0x005F4900 0x00000000
0x005F4904 0x00000000
0x005F4908 0x00000000
0x005F490C 0x00000000
0x005F4910 0x00000000
0x005F4914 0x00000000
0x005F491C 0x00000000
0x005F4920 0x00000000
0x005F4928 0x00000000
0x005F492C 0x00000000
0x005F4930 0x00000000
0x005F4934 0x00000000
0x005F4938 0x00000000
0x005F493C 0x00000000
0x005F4944 0x00000000
0x005F4948 0x00000000
0x005F4950 0x00000000
0x005F4954 0x00000000
0x005F4958 0x00000000
0x005F4308 0x00000000
0x005F430C 0x00000000
0x005F4314 0x00000000
0x005F4320 0x00000000
0x005F4324 0x00000000
0x005F4328 0x00000000
0x005F432C 0x00000000
0x005F4330 0x00000000
0x005F4334 0x00000000
0x005F433C 0x00000000
0x005F4340 0x00000000
0x005F4348 0x00000000
0x005F434C 0x00000000
0x005F4350 0x00000000
0x005F4354 0x00000000
0x005F4358 0x00000000
0x005F435C 0x00000000
0x005F4364 0x00000000
0x005F4368 0x00000000
0x005F4370 0x00000000
0x005F4374 0x00000000
0x005F4378 0x00000000
0x005F5DBC 0x00000000
0x005F5DC0 0x00000000
0x005F5DC8 0x00000000
0x005F5DCC 0x00000000
0x005F5DD4 0x00000000
0x005F5DD8 0x00000000
0x005F5DDC 0x00000000
0x005F5DE0 0x00000000
0x005F5DE4 0x00000000
0x005F5DE8 0x00000000
0x005F5DF0 0x00000000
0x005F5DF4 0x00000000
0x005F5DFC 0x00000000
0x005F5E00 0x00000000
0x005F5E04 0x00000000
0x005F5E08 0x00000000
0x005F5E0C 0x00000000
0x005F5E10 0x00000000
0x005F5E18 0x00000000
0x005F5E1C 0x00000000
0x005F5E24 0x00000000
0x005F5E28 0x00000000
0x005F5E2C 0x00000000
0x005F376C 0x00000000
0x005F3770 0x00000000
0x005F3778 0x00000000
0x005F377C 0x00000000
0x005F3784 0x00000000
0x005F3788 0x00000000
0x005F378C 0x00000000
0x005F3790 0x00000000
0x005F3794 0x00000000
0x005F3798 0x00000000
0x005F37A0 0x00000000
0x005F37A4 0x00000000
0x005F37AC 0x00000000
0x005F37B0 0x00000000
0x005F37B4 0x00000000
0x005F37B8 0x00000000
0x005F37BC 0x00000000
0x005F37C0 0x00000000
0x005F37C8 0x00000000
0x005F37CC 0x00000000
0x005F37D4 0x00000000
0x005F37D8 0x00000000
0x005F37DC 0x00000000
0x005F3D28 0x00000000
0x005F3D2C 0x00000000
0x005F3D34 0x00000000
0x005F3D38 0x00000000
0x005F3D40 0x00000000
0x005F3D44 0x00000000
0x005F3D48 0x00000000
0x005F3D4C 0x00000000
0x005F3D50 0x00000000
0x005F3D54 0x00000000
0x005F3D5C 0x00000000
0x005F3D60 0x00000000
0x005F3D68 0x00000000
0x005F3D6C 0x00000000
0x005F3D70 0x00000000
0x005F3D74 0x00000000
0x005F3D78 0x00000000
0x005F3D7C 0x00000000
0x005F3D84 0x00000000
0x005F3D88 0x00000000
0x005F3D90 0x00000000
0x005F3D94 0x00000000
0x005F3D98 0x00000000
0x005F3D9C 0x00000000
0x005F86E4 0x00000000
0x005F86E8 0x00000000
0x005F86F0 0x00000000
0x005F86F4 0x00000000
0x005F86FC 0x00000000
0x005F8700 0x00000000
0x005F8704 0x00000000
0x005F8708 0x00000000
0x005F870C 0x00000000
0x005F8710 0x00000000
0x005F8718 0x00000000
0x005F8724 0x00000000
0x005F8728 0x00000000
0x005F872C 0x00000000
0x005F8730 0x00000000
0x005F8738 0x00000000
0x005F8740 0x00000000
0x005F8744 0x00000000
0x005F874C 0x00000000
0x005F8750 0x00000000
0x005F8754 0x00000000
0x005F61EC 0x00000000
0x005F61F0 0x00000000
0x005F61F8 0x00000000
0x005F6204 0x00000000
0x005F6208 0x00000000
0x005F620C 0x00000000
0x005F6210 0x00000000
0x005F6214 0x00000000
0x005F6218 0x00000000
0x005F6220 0x00000000
0x005F622C 0x00000000
0x005F6230 0x00000000
0x005F6234 0x00000000
0x005F6238 0x00000000
0x005F6240 0x00000000
0x005F6248 0x00000000
0x005F624C 0x00000000
0x005F6254 0x00000000
0x005F6258 0x00000000
0x005F625C 0x00000000
0x005F6204 0x00000000
0x00600800 0x00000000
0x005F6EE4 0x00000000
0x005F6EEC 0x00000000
0x005F6EF8 0x00000000
0x005F6EFC 0x00000000
0x005F6F00 0x00000000
0x005F6F04 0x00000000
0x005F6F08 0x00000000
0x005F6F0C 0x00000000
0x005F6F14 0x00000000
0x005F6F20 0x00000000
0x005F6F24 0x00000000
0x005F6F28 0x00000000
0x005F6F2C 0x00000000
0x005F6F30 0x00000000
0x005F6F34 0x00000000
0x005F6F3C 0x00000000
0x005F6F40 0x00000000
0x005F6F48 0x00000000
0x005F6F4C 0x00000000
0x005F6F50 0x00000000
0x005F81DC 0x00000000
0x005F81E0 0x00000000
0x005F81E8 0x00000000
0x005F81EC 0x00000000
0x005F81F4 0x00000000
0x005F81F8 0x00000000
0x005F81FC 0x00000000
0x005F8200 0x00000000
0x005F8204 0x00000000
0x005F8208 0x00000000
0x005F8210 0x00000000
0x005F8214 0x00000000
0x005F821C 0x00000000
0x005F8220 0x00000000
0x005F8224 0x00000000
0x005F8228 0x00000000
0x005F822C 0x00000000
0x005F8230 0x00000000
0x005F8238 0x00000000
0x005F823C 0x00000000
0x005F8244 0x00000000
0x005F8248 0x00000000
0x005F824C 0x00000000
0x005F65F4 0x00000000
0x005F65F8 0x00000000
0x005F6600 0x00000000
0x005F660C 0x00000000
0x005F6610 0x00000000
0x005F6614 0x00000000
0x005F6618 0x00000000
0x005F661C 0x00000000
0x005F6620 0x00000000
0x005F6628 0x00000000
0x005F6634 0x00000000
0x005F6638 0x00000000
0x005F663C 0x00000000
0x005F6640 0x00000000
0x005F6644 0x00000000
0x005F6648 0x00000000
0x005F6650 0x00000000
0x005F6654 0x00000000
0x005F665C 0x00000000
0x005F6660 0x00000000
0x005F6664 0x00000000
0x005F7D1C 0x00000000
0x005F7D20 0x00000000
0x005F7D28 0x00000000
0x005F7D2C 0x00000000
0x005F7D34 0x00000000
0x005F7D38 0x00000000
0x005F7D3C 0x00000000
0x005F7D40 0x00000000
0x005F7D44 0x00000000
0x005F7D50 0x00000000
0x005F7D54 0x00000000
0x005F7D5C 0x00000000
0x005F7D60 0x00000000
0x005F7D64 0x00000000
0x005F7D68 0x00000000
0x005F7D6C 0x00000000
0x005F7D70 0x00000000
0x005F7D78 0x00000000
0x005F7D7C 0x00000000
0x005F7D84 0x00000000
0x005F7D88 0x00000000
0x005F7D8C 0x00000000
0x005F69D0 0x00000000
0x005F69D4 0x00000000
0x005F69E4 0x00000000
0x005F69F0 0x00000000
0x005F69F4 0x00000000
0x005F69FC 0x00000000
0x005F6A00 0x00000000
0x005F6A04 0x00000000
0x005F6A0C 0x00000000
0x005F6A14 0x00000000
0x005F6A18 0x00000000
0x005F6A1C 0x00000000
0x005F6A20 0x00000000
0x005F6A24 0x00000000
0x005F6A28 0x00000000
0x005F6A2C 0x00000000
0x005F6A34 0x00000000
0x005F6A38 0x00000000
0x005F6A40 0x00000000
0x005F6A44 0x00000000
0x005F6A48 0x00000000
0x005F73A0 0x00000000
0x005F73A4 0x00000000
0x005F73AC 0x00000000
0x005F73B0 0x00000000
0x005F73B8 0x00000000
0x005F73BC 0x00000000
0x005F73C0 0x00000000
0x005F73C4 0x00000000
0x005F73C8 0x00000000
0x005F73CC 0x00000000
0x005F73D4 0x00000000
0x005F73D8 0x00000000
0x005F73E0 0x00000000
0x005F73E4 0x00000000
0x005F73E8 0x00000000
0x005F73EC 0x00000000
0x005F73F0 0x00000000
0x005F73F4 0x00000000
0x005F73FC 0x00000000
0x005F7400 0x00000000
0x005F7408 0x00000000
0x005F740C 0x00000000
0x005F7410 0x00000000
0x005F7400 0x00000000
0x005F9F78 0x00000000
0x005F9F7C 0x00000000
0x005F9F84 0x00000000
0x005F9F88 0x00000000
0x005F9F90 0x00000000
0x005F9F94 0x00000000
0x005F9F98 0x00000000
0x005F9F9C 0x00000000
0x005F9FA0 0x00000000
0x005F9FA4 0x00000000
0x005F9FAC 0x00000000
0x005F9FB0 0x00000000
0x005F9FB8 0x00000000
0x005F9FBC 0x00000000
0x005F9FC0 0x00000000
0x005F9FC4 0x00000000
0x005F9FC8 0x00000000
0x005F9FCC 0x00000000
0x005F9FD4 0x00000000
0x005F9FD8 0x00000000
0x005F9FE0 0x00000000
0x005F9FE4 0x00000000
0x005F9FE8 0x00000000
#Plant C4 Anywhere
;Press tri to plant c4
0x005fde98 0x00000001
#M67's Explode on Impact
;Instant explosion
0x005F1754 0x2710FC18
#HE's Explode on Impact
;Instant explosion
0x005F192C 0x2710FC18
#AN-M8's Do Not Explode
;No AN-M8 explosion
0x005F1B04 0x2710FC18
#Commit Suicide With A Markk 141
;Why are you killing yourself
0x005F1CCC 0x08CF0400
#Offline Weapons Online
;Use offline weapons online
0x005f9308 0x00000005
0x005fdfe8 0x00000014
0x005fdfec 0x00000000
0x005FdFF0 0x00000000
0x005FdFF4 0x00000016
0x005FdEC0 0x00000001
0x005Ff0E4 0x3EB2B8C2
0x005Ff0E8 0x3EB2B8C2
0x005Ff0EC 0x00000000
0x005FdE8C 0x55A51DAB
0x005FdE90 0xA6A0D607
0x005FdE6C 0x443B8000
0x005FdE70 0x00000081
0x005F71B4 0x00000097
0x005FdE74 0x75CED306
0x005FdE78 0x000105A0
0x00632DF0 0x000000AD
0x00632DF8 0x00045108
0x00632F04 0x000453A8
0x005Fd090 0x0000007D
0x005F8E7C 0x00AE951C
0x005F8E74 0x449C4000
0x005F8E98 0xE5B46593
0x005F9270 0x449C4000
0x005F9274 0x00000097
0x005F9278 0x00AE951C
0x005F9294 0xE5B46593
0x005Fb254 0x0000004C
0x00633618 0x5534A56F
0x005Fc9DC 0x00000000
0x005Fd4AC 0x00000008
0x005Fd4B0 0x0000001E
0x005FdAF4 0x44BB8000
0x005FdAF8 0x00000079
0x005FdAFC 0xB6A2F3FB
0x005fe4e8 0x00000000#Pmn Tower No Pop [No 35]
0x005FE4C0 0x00000001
0x005FE4E8 0x00000000
0x005FE538 0x05580558
0x005FE53C 0x001409C8
0x005FE540 0x00000030
0x005FD4A4 0x00000000
0x005FE220 0x00000000
0x005FE534 0x00000000
0x005FEB48 0x00000000
0x005FEE6C 0x00000000
0x005FD81C 0x000003E8
0x005FD12C 0x000003E8
0x006322C8 0x00000558
0x00632AFC 0x000003E8
0x00632F10 0x000003E8
0x00633320 0x000003E8
0x00633F84 0x000003E8
0x00633B44 0x00000BB8
0x004C9628 0x00000000
0x005F225C 0x00FF0000
0x005F2264 0x0000FFFF
0x005FE224 0x05580558
0x005FE228 0x001409C8
0x005FE22C 0x00000030
0x005FE538 0x05580558
0x005FE53C 0x001409C8
0x005FE540 0x00000030
0x005FCA2C 0x05580558
0x005FCA30 0x001409C8
0x005FCA34 0x00000030
0x005FD4A8 0x05580558
0x005FD4AC 0x001409C8
0x005FD4B0 0x00000030
0x005FD820 0x05580558
0x005FD824 0x001409C8
0x005FD828 0x00000030
0x005FD130 0x05580558
0x005FD134 0x001409C8
0x005FD138 0x00000030
0x00633B48 0x05580558
0x00633B4C 0x001409C8
0x00633B50 0x00000030
0x006322CC 0x05580558
0x006322D0 0x001409C8
0x006322D4 0x00000030
0x006326E0 0x05580558
0x006326E4 0x001409C8
0x006326E8 0x00000030
0x00632B00 0x05580558
0x00632B04 0x001409C8
0x00632B08 0x00000030
0x00632F14 0x05580558
0x00632F18 0x001409C8
0x00632F1C 0x00000030
0x00633324 0x05580558
0x00633328 0x001409C8
0x0063332C 0x00000030
0x00633F88 0x05580558
0x00633F8C 0x001409C8
0x00633F90 0x00000030
0x005FEB4C 0x05580558
0x005FEB50 0x001409C8
0x005FEB54 0x00000030
0x005FEE70 0x05580558
0x005FEE74 0x001409C8
0x005FEE78 0x00000030#Bullets Never Miss
;By Warcrazy
;Modded By Bl4Ck.KiD...
0x0069D374 0x00000000
0x012F3F08 0x00000000

#!!-----Map codes-----
#See Through Walls
0x00518768 0x00000000
0x0051876C 0x00000000
#No Fog
;The fog from zooming in and out is gone
;Set Cheat Hz to 15/1000
0x004c00c0 0xBF800000
#Tint Map
;Map has a little higher contrast
0x00518768 0x00000000
0x0051876C 0xFFFFFFFF
#Dark world
;Map is dark
0x00518768 0xFF000000
0x0051876C 0xFF000000
#Map Mods Off
;Turn the map mods off
0x00518768 0x00000001

#!!-----Lobby codes-----
#Whackya's Secret Server
;Get a secret server
0x00518694 0x01000092
#Undo The Server
;This will turn off the secret server
;so u can play regularly
0x00518694 0x00000000#Quick Switch Teams[No 35]
;Change teams without waiting
0x001496D4 0x00000000
0x001496FC 0x34020000

0x005E2464 0x19000000#Vote=Boot
;Ported by shootingman14
;Boot random people when you vote
0x00101fa0 0x34080080#Switch While Greened Up [No35]
0x00589328 0x42007265
0x0058932C 0x74536165
0x00589330 0x4D61672D
0x00589334 0x00737265
0x00589338 0x5F214B74
0x005E2464 0x19000000#Room Virus
0x0053DF5A 0x2A7B
0x0053DF5C 0x6F527D32
0x0053DF60 0x56206D6F
0x0053DF64 0x73757269
0x0053DF68 0x203A
0x0053DF6A 0x2A7B
0x0053DF6C 0x7D32
0x004C396C 0x08CCA8E8
0x0053DF8C 0x08CCA8E8
0x004CA890 0x27BDFFD0
0x004CA894 0xAFA40020
0x004CA898 0x3C0408D6
0x004CA89C 0xAFB00024
0x004CA8A0 0x8C871788
0x004CA8A4 0x2489174C
0x004CA8A8 0x3C0408D0
0x004CA8AC 0x34050040
0x004CA8B0 0x2406FFFF
0x004CA8B4 0x34080008
0x004CA8B8 0x00005025
0x004CA8BC 0xAFBF0028
0x004CA8C0 0x0E23B99F
0x004CA8C4 0x248444D8
0x004CA8C8 0x00002025
0x004CA8CC 0x00002025
0x004CA8D0 0x00003025
0x004CA8D4 0x02003825
0x004CA8D8 0x8FB00024
0x004CA8DC 0x8FBF0028
0x004CA8E0 0x03E00008
0x004CA8E4 0x27BD0030
0x004CA8E8 0x3C1908D6
0x004CA8EC 0x8F38174C
0x004CA8F0 0xAF38A048
0x004CA8F4 0x0A332A24

0x0053DFB0 0x6372654D
0x0053DFB4 0x00000073
0x0053DF6E 0x654D
0x0053DF70 0x00736372
0x0056174C 0x80000100
0x0053DFB0 0x6C616553
0x0053DFB4 0x00000073
0x0053DF6E 0x6553
0x0053DF70 0x00736C61
0x0056174C 0x40000001

#!!-----Miscellaneous codes-----
#Extended Game Name (90)
;Game name can be longer
0x00AA1838 0x39285241
0x00AA183C 0x4D202930
0x00AA1848 0x20293039
#Extended Text (63)
;You can type more characters
0x00A5160C 0x33362852
0x00A51618 0x36285345
0x00A5161C 0x54202933
#Extended Clan Name (30)
;Clan name can be longer
0x00A7C1A0 0x29303328
#Extended Clan Tag (15)
;Your clan tag can be 15 characters
0x00A7C210 0x54293531
0x00A8B958 0x35312852
0x00A8B95C 0x54495429
#Ultimate Muter
;Mutes everything except voice chat and music
0x004C2F3C 0x00000001
#Cut Grass on Siege
;See through the grass
0x00518768 0xFFFFFFFF
#!!-----Offline codes-----
#Inf CE
;Infinite CE
0x00517c3c 0x000f423f
#Unresponsive Villagers/Mercs
;No response from them
0x001FA180 0x03E00008
#Secret Window Small
;Kind of a zoom window
0x000EB2E0 0x3C063F00
#Secret Window Big
;Kind of a zoom window
0x000EB2E0 0x3C063E40
#Secret Window Upside Down
;Kind of a zoom window
0x000EB2E0 0x3C064080
#No Mine Restrictions
;Unlimited mine placement
0x005014AC 0x00000000
#FreeForAll Campaign
;Free for all campaign
0x00304254 0x03E01056#-----Anti/boot codes-----
;Ported by shootingman14
;Boot random people when you taunt
0x00101420 0x34080080
0x00102c18 0x34080080#Ultra Boot x game
;lobby rape
0x001bb6ec 0x0a24078e
0x00101e6c 0x340800FF
0x001496c0 0x0e2408bb
0x005617c0 0x000000FF
0x001BB6EC 0x0a2408bb
0x001490f0 0x0e24065e
0x001019ac 0x34080001
0x00103328 0x0e240cca#Type=Error 12 [No Ban]
0x00561790 0x00000020#!!Antiboot on
;Turn on AFTER you log into the servers
0x00804ED8 0x00000001
#Anti-Teleport Knife\Rifle II
;Cheat Hz 15\1000
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00505858
0x00000630 0x1B
0x00000638 0x03E00008
0x00000A0C 0x44800000
;Now includes the real ANTI35
;Never get froze or booted
;Never corrupt psid
0x004FC850 0x00000000
0x0037C020 0x00000000
0x0049C588 0x00000000
0x00147BD4 0x00000000
#Hacker Boot hold mic (no35)
;If A Hacker Has Antis On
;All You Have To Do Is Hold Mic
;And He Gets Ban/Booted
;Game And Lobby
;No 35
0x001DCBFC 0x0E2408BB
0x00102310 0x340800FF
0x00492920 0x70757453
0x00492924 0x4E206469
0x00492928 0x73626F6F
0x0049292C 0x6F6F4220
0x00492930 0x64657400
0x001496C0 0x0E2408BB
0x00102310 0x340800FF
0x00492920 0x70757453
0x00492924 0x4E206469
0x00492928 0x73626F6F
0x0049292C 0x6F6F4220
0x00492930 0x64657400
0x001DCBFC 0x0E2408BB
0x00102310 0x340800FF
0x00492920 0x63657053
0x00492924 0x6F746174
0x00492928 0x6A452072
0x0049292C 0x65746365
0x00492930 0x00000064
0x001496C0 0x0E2408BB
0x00102310 0x340800FF
0x00492920 0x63657053
0x00492924 0x6F746174
0x00492928 0x6A452072
0x0049292C 0x65746365
0x00492930 0x00000064
0x001DCBFC 0x0E240B58
0x00102D84 0x340800FF
0x001DCBFC 0x0E24078E
0x00101E6C 0x340800FF
0x001496C0 0x0E24078E
0x00101E6C 0x340800FF
0x001497F0 0x0E2408BB
0x005617C0 0x000000FF
0x00149868 0x0E24078E
0x00101E6C 0x34080002
0x001496C0 0x0E24078E
0x00101E6C 0x340800EE
0x001BB6EC 0x0A24078E
0x00101E6C 0x340800FF
0x00185E00 0x0E2408BB
0x004972D8 0x63656A45
0x004972DC 0x70532074
0x004972E0 0x00666F6F
0x004972E4 0x63656A45
0x004972E8 0x70532074
0x004972EC 0x00666F6F
0x00102310 0x340800FF
0x00185E98 0x0E2408BB
0x004972F4 0x63656A45
0x004972F8 0x61522074
0x004972FC 0x6D6F646E
0x00497300 0x00000000
0x00497304 0x63656A45
0x00497308 0x61522074
0x0049730C 0x6D6F646E
0x00497310 0x00000000
0x00185E98 0x0E252436
0x00185E9C 0x00000000
0x001496C0 0x0E2408BB
0x005617C0 0x000000FF
0x004972F4 0x74697753
0x004972F8 0x42206863
0x004972FC 0x2D746F6F
0x00497300 0x20746948
0x00497304 0x00003278
0x00497308 0x00000000
0x0049730C 0x00000000
0x00497310 0x00000000
0x001496D4 0x00000000
0x001496FC 0x34020001
0x001BB6EC 0x0A24078E
0x00101E6C 0x340800FF
0x001496C0 0x0E2408BB
0x005617C0 0x000000FF
0x001BB6EC 0x0A2408BB
0x001490F0 0x0E24065E
0x001019AC 0x34080001
0x00103328 0x0E240CCA
0x001018E8 0x34351146
#Shoot=Freeze No 35 New [hz31]
;hz =31
0x0000004C 0x0a3f3800
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